As one of famous tourist destinations in China, Chengde is endowed with a large number of fantastic sceneries.
The Mountain Resort and Eight Outer Temples have been listed as the world cultural heritage sites by UNESCO. If you’re interested in the horse-riding and pasture, The Mulan Paddock should be your choice.
It is convenient to start Chengde tour from Beijing.

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  Chengde Summer Resort Temple of Potaraka Doctrine
  Jinshanling Great Wall Puning Temple
  Temple of Universal Peace more attractions...



Best Season of Chengde Tour:

Tourists can visit Chengde in any time with the period from April to October as the best time for traveling due to the beautiful natural scenery and favorable weather.

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Chengde City Profile

Chengde is prefecture-level city in the northeast of Hebei Province. Nowdays, Chengde is a popular tourist destination famouse for Summer Resort, Temple and attractive scenery. Located 230 km northeast of Beijing, Chengde is covered by mountainous areas and rivers. more...



  Chengde Tour Routes

Chengde Package Tour
Chengde 2 days tour
Beijing Chengde tour

Chengde One Day Tour
Jinshanling Great Wall one day tour
Chengde half day tour of Summer Resort
Temple of Potaraka Doctrine+Temple of Universal Peace

Chengde Transfer Service
Beijing Chengde Transfer: 140 USD per car.
Chengde Train Station Transfer: 40 USD per car.



Chengde Tour Tips

Chengde is around 4 hour's driving to Beijing.
Accommodation in Chengde is not as good as Beijing.
Climate of Chengde is lower than Beijing.



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