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  Fengning Grassland

Brief / profile
Also named Fengning Datan Grassland, Fengning Grassland is an expanse of natural grassland near Beijing and an ideal summer resort to avoid the violent sunlight in summer.

It’s situated in the northwest of Chengde City and about 280 kilometers from Beijing.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
The grassland is covered with green grass and colorful flowers. Also the flocks are everywhere. One of the popular scenic spots on the grassland is the Jiulong Pine with a history of more than 1,300 years inside of Jietai Temple. In the Temple of Heaven, there are the Nine-Dragon Cypresses of the Liao Dynasty. Besides touring the attractions here, you can enjoy the cool climate during summer days. The beautiful scenery on the grassland must give a totally fresh feeling which is much different from the bustling life in a metropolis.

Present condition
Recently, a large number of vacation villages and vacation centers are built to cater for tourists’ needs. Therefore, your tour here will be more enjoyable.

Admission fee.
The admission fee for this grassland is RMB 10.

The best time to visit the grassland is from June to September thanks to the pleasant weather .



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