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  Saihanba National Forest Park

Brief / profile
With an average altitude of 1,400 meters, Saihanba national forest Park as a part of Mulan Paddock is an ideal place for touring, hunting and retreat from the hot summer days. In this forest park with an area of 410,000 square kilometers, you will enjoy the vast expanse of grassland, the crystal-clear plateau lake as well as the historic interests left in the Qing Dynasty.


This park lies in the north of Chengde, Hebei Province.

Function or value in the past
Saihanba National Forest Park was a famous royal hunting ground in the Qing Dynasty.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
This park is blessed with boundless grasslands and large forest. The eco-system is well preserved here, thus you can enjoy the most charming natural landscape in the park.
The scenery is outstanding in particular during summer days. Since the grasslands are almost covered with golden flowers, green leaves of various trees and bushes are waving in the breeze…all of these must give you a fresh and relaxing feeling, making this park a best place to avoid the heat in summer.
Besides, this attraction provides the best place for taking pictures during this time.
When autumn arrives, the red maple leaves mix with the golden birch leaves and dark-green needle-like leaves across the mountain, which makes this park a really marvelous natural carpet.
While in cold winter days, it shows another spectacle to us. All the ground is covered with snow. Suddenly this park turns to be a white world. Here, you can breathe the fresh air and play games and so on.

Since Saihanba National Forest Park covers a large area, charter buses are highly recommended.

The best time to visit this park is at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn when leaves of trees begin to turn different colors. Moreover, there’re usually annoying insects and mosquitoes during summer days, thus we strongly advise you to bring proper protection items. In addition, the weather is changeable here, so warm clothes are also necessities.


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